The fully featured management system for the forward looking home improvement company. From recording of initial inquiries, to management of service calls, Adminbase has it covered. Management of on site staff via an integrated diary system that will sync with most hand-held devices. Document attachment for instant viewing of all documentation relating to a lead and contract, invoicing and exporting to sage accounts, is also included. Adminbase Pro is offered as a monthly subscription service with no initial outlay. Installation is free of charge as is 16 hours of remote training and changes to standard letters and reports.


Centralised Control
Brings all of the sales management tasks together in one application to remove duplication and increase efficiency.

Postcode lookups
Enter the postcode and have clean addresses entered automatically.

Unlimited dated comments, directions, scanned documents and other customisable information recorded for each and every lead.

Advertising costs
Can be recorded for each lead source to produce lead generating cost analysis and reports.

Information on taken by, lead source, assigned to allow extensive analysis of performance of any department.

All historical leads stored for mailshot campaigns.


Entering contracts
Contracts are transferred from leads saving duplication or can be entered directly.
All documentation relating to a contract can be attached and viewed directly from the contract record in AdminBase. No more wasted hours tracking down paper files.

Customers and Contracts
Each customer's contracts stay together enabling domestic, trade and commercial customers to be managed in one system.

Contract checklist
To control the supply process on each contract and to manage the status of orders across the whole company.

Financial Records
Deposit invoices, stage payments, retentions, variations of contracts, and part payments all catered for.

Puchase Order Processing
Control of deliveries and supplier information to make sure that goods are delivered just in time.


Allows on screen planning of all work types with warnings for clashing appointments and the ability to search for the next free period.

Schedules can be viewed by day, week or month. Full flexibilty of diary views by personnel and managers.

Information displayed in appointments can be configured according to each user.

Background Information
Block out periods of time for holidays, meetings.

Working Week
Settings for available working time adjustable for each work type.

Google Sync
Personell can see their appointment on hand held divices.
SMS notifications confirm appointments by SMS.


Purchase Ordering
Raise and track purchase orders for all contract related stock. Enter goods received and report on products due for delivery.

Calculate and control sales commissions and labour payments.

Job Costings
Puchase invoices can be entered along with all other associated job costs to produce detailed job costings per job and across the company. Costs can also be exported to your accounts package.

Service Calls

Service History
Records of service calls stored with each contract making it easy to see the service history on problem contracts.

Detailed Problem Analysis
Analysed by category. Set multiple problem codes against a service call for detailed analysis.

Parts can be ordered and deliveries recorded and managed for Service Calls.

Service diary
Schedules all service work. Handles service engineers appointments.

Service Call Forms
Full range of Work Documents, Appointment Letters, Satisfaction Forms produced with relevant information for customer and service engineer.


Customer Correspondence

Standard letters for each contract type and payment method automatically produced.

Invoices, statements and receipts customised to suit your stationery.

Fitting Forms
Customer questionnaires, quality plans and fitters information sheets

Service Call Forms
Full range of Work Documents, Appointment Letters, Satisfaction Forms produced with relevant information for customer and service engineer.

Fully customisable
All letters customisable with all data fields available for inclusion.


Ad Hoc Reports
Easy to use Report Designer allows customisation of existing reports and creation of new reports to mirror existing reporting and to find the answer to ad hoc requests for information.

Management Reporting
Standard reports provide information on the 0rderbook and project cash flow for coming weeks. Collection of outstanding balances can be monitored with comments recorded and reported on.

Sales Reporting
Understand which advertising methods and sales areas perform well. Make sure that you are controlling your sales force rather than the other way round.




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