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Now is the time to review your back office system. AdminBase® handles everything from initial enquiry to service call and all the details in between. Do away with paper and be in control.

AdminBase Software For Double Glazing Companies

Monitor Performance

Within a few clicks, it is easy to see which of your lead sources and team members are performing.

Digital Diary

To help you stay on track, you can easily create appointments for all sales team members and on site staff.

Web Based

AdminBase® offers a web based solution to help you manage your back office process from wherever you are.

Integrated Price Book

Give your sales team accurate prices every time by integrating your price book with our sales app.

Automatic Messages

Send automatic emails and SMS updates to your customers throughout every stage of their installation.

Unlimited Storage

For complete peace of mind, AdminBase® offers unlimited storage so you never have to worry about running out. Your data is secure with us.

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Web Based Solutions

Web Based Solutions

We now offer a web based version of AdminBase®, making staying on top of your business easier than ever before.

Access AdminBase from laptops, macs and tablets wherever you are.

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Something For Everyone

Something For Everyone

Todays companies offer a wide range of products. AdminBase is used by companies that supply Conservatories, Windows and Doors, Driveways, Solar Panels even Artificial Grass. There is no limit to the products you can manage in AdminBase.

Our home improvement business solutions have been designed to completely eliminate paper, duplication and human error. With the industry more competitive than ever before, looking after your business processes efficiently is becoming more and more important. Every element of AdminBase has been designed to improve efficiency and customer service, helping take the stress out of day-to-day tasks and improving the way you interact with your customers.

Our software is constantly evolving and we regularly make updates based on user feedback and the needs of the industry. Recently, we launched a web-based version of AdminBase, making staying on top of your business easier than ever before. With unlimited storage space and easy accessibility from any device, there has never been a better time to move your company forward with AdminBase.

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Do you want to know the story of how AdminBase began?

Listen to Glazing Insider's recent interview with Rhonda Ridge, MD of Ab Initio Systems the creator of AdminBase, to hear the story

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Don't just take our word for it. AdminBase® has been trusted by the home improvement industry for many years.

I discover this CRM because I manage the marketing for a company that has had AdminBase for many years. I wanted a system that I could recommend to my glazing clients so explored the main solutions available. Adminbase stood out amongst the others as the best solution at a reasonable price. It has since been installed for another client and the support in helping me to integrate marketing solutions with the CRM has been faultless.

Sian Wood



AdminBase has been a fantastic addition to our business. The current COVID situation has also proved to us the value of the software.
Our team are now working from home using the cloud version as if they were sat in the office.
The scheduling of appointments, both for the sales and installation teams is now all in one place and the efficiencies we are getting are beyond our initial expectations!
Coupled with the ability we now have to give our customers up to date and timely information and the level of support offered we would most definitely recommend using this software.

Ian Chester

Yorkshire Windows


The longer we use Adminbase, the more we are getting out of it. All information relating to a customer is in one place and this aids communication and makes retrieving plans or purchase orders very simple. Staff are encouraged to add to the notes at each contact with a customer which has helped enormously with our customer satisfactiont. The vital task of Job Costing is simplified and using the diaries makes controlling all installations including subcontractors seamless.

Susan Roden

Mitchell Glass


We use the dashboard and automated notifications in AdminBase throughout our business. We have receive fantastic feedback from our customers, the constant updates makes them feel  relaxed taking away the worry when engaging companies in our industry,  they feel we are in total control of the project. We have seen a massive drop in phone calls to us chasing progress, allowing us to operate with less administrators, so it pays for itself. If you are serious about customer service ...then this system will provide you with a huge advantage over the competition.

Peter Wheeler



Adminbase has transformed the way we work as a company completely for the better. The information is always at hand. Customer service is absolutely superb and is never too much and always dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Reports have revolutionised how we work. Thank you for the service you provide.

Steve Taylor

Horsford Window & Conservatory Company Limited

AdminBase is available for Mobile Web and desktop

Adminbase is an integral part of our business. Unlike other providers, the team at Ab Initio have industry experience which results in a package that is packed with features that help improve efficiency and customer service delivery. The software is regularly updated and Ab Initio listens to it's users to drive the features that our business needs.

James Stuart

Abbey Windows

Double Glazing CRM

As a data driven business, AdminBase has allowed us to view hidden insight into our business, it has given us the medium to apply controls where they are needed and freedom where they are not. I’m sure when I’ve called up for support, the team look at the phone number and wonder what on earth is he going to ask now? But they have never failed to answer my queries and have gone above and beyond to help us implement AdminBase deep into our processes which helps us understand our business better.

Steve Savage

Frames Conservatories Direct Ltd

Apps For Tradesmen

Throughout the past two years one of the major issues that we have all faced is communication. The world has changed immensely in this period, with the rate of change being unprecedented.

We found it extremely difficult to keep our customers up to date with their order progression and the introduction of the customer portal has allowed us to keep customers updated in a timely fashion, whilst minimising the time spent on doing so.

The automation of communications and the ease of use have allowed us to keep more customers updated whilst using up less of our time.

Ian Chester

Yorkshire Windows


We’ve been using AdminBase for a number of years now and to say we’d be lost without it is an understatement! From diary planning to invoicing, job costings to essential contract documents, we rely heavily on the system. The guys in the office are always there to help and support and it’s a CRM system that is always evolving to meet the changing demands of our industry. I can’t honestly imagine running our company without it!

Dylan Hulse


Double glazing business CRM

Being a new entry to the Home Improvement market, KLIC Home was founded with the full intention of utilising the latest technology to enhance and elevate the customers experience from the initial buying process through to survey, completion and beyond.

When we heard of the new Customer Portal feature available in AdminBase, it made perfect sense for us to implement its roll out as soon as possible.

We have now had the portal fully operational for the last 8 months. A great success for our customers with growing numbers using the facility, with the inbuilt Stats Tool we can monitor exactly who has logged into the portal and when.

The facility is introduced from the Point of Sale as a USP of using KLIC Home. Fully integrated within our company website, in this age of online shopping customers do like the ability to check on the status of their order, or any outstanding balances much as they might with Amazon.

Our customers can even log a service call request directly from our website into AdminBase using the portal.

Brett Wittam


Apps For Tradesmen

Since we have started using the SMS service through AdminBase it has made us even more efficient. This day and age people tend not to answer the phone and are much more likely to check a text message and then respond to that message when it suits them. We use SMS’s for advising customers on installation dates, service dates, advising them to check they’ve received quotations, invoices and more. We even schedule text messages at certain times throughout the day which helps to control the tempo for the business. It’s simply a tool we now could not live without.

Tyrone Birch

Swadlincote Window Company Ltd

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