Problem Analysis Features

One System, Every Solution

AdminBase’s problem analysis features extend across the system. With AdminBase, you can analyse the way your business operates quickly and easily, with accurate data and insights. By doing this, you can see how your sales team operates, how your business is optimised, and you can see patterns that give you better insights. As a result, you can make improvements across your business with our problem analysis features.

Everybody in your business will get some help, too. It’s because AdminBase is available to your whole staff, and everybody can get a tailored platform that shows them what they need efficiently. Additionally, our CRM system has four integrated apps – Survey, Fitting, Sales and Service – that allow everybody to connect to AdminBase. It handles everything, from orders to lead management to problem analysis, that your business could need.

From Quote to Sale

AdminBase identifies potential problems at every step of a quote. Because of this, everyone can solve them quickly to convert every lead.

Access Data

Our CRM provides data at the touch of a button that you could only dream of. See insights and problem analysis to help you optimise your business.

Customer Satisfaction

AdminBase makes it easier for you, but easier for the customer, too. Our problem analysis features help you provide the best possible service to your buyers.

Connected to AdminBase

Everybody in your business will be fully connected to AdminBase. Updates will occur in real-time, as will data insights and problem analysis.

Problem Analysis System

Intelligently Connected Throughout

You’ll be able to see how your business works better than ever before with AdminBase’s problem analysis system. For a start, you can check on members of your team to see how they perform. If you think your sales team could be converting more leads, you can see how each individual member is selling and where any discrepancies lie. Not only does this allow you to better manage your team, but to identify any problems that could be stopping sales.

Additionally, AdminBase’s problem analysis system can help you see how your business makes sales happen. You can identify the products which are doing perfectly, and the ones that are causing problems to shift. Not only that, you can see where your leads are coming from, allowing you to better tailor your marketing strategy to find your customers. You’ll be able to solve problems with our problem analysis system quickly and easily.

  • AdminBase is able to update live, integrating with dedicated apps. As a result, our system does problem analysis in real-time to keep you in control.
  • AdminBase works offline, too, perfect for your off-site teams. As soon as AdminBase connects to WiFi, new data comes straight into the system.
  • Problem analysis can be done by everybody with AdminBase. Everybody will be able to see what's important to their tasks to help make better decisions.
  • All of our different apps work in tandem to create a full problem analysis approach. Because of this, you get more data and more insight.
  • AdminBase is a fully customisable back office CRM solution. It's tailored to your system, solving problems in your business now and in the future.
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AdminBase has been a fantastic addition to our business. The current COVID situation has also proved to us the value of the software.

Our team are now working from home using the cloud version as if they were sat in the office.

The scheduling of appointments, both for the sales and installation teams is now all in one place and the efficiencies we are getting are beyond our initial expectations!

Coupled with the ability we now have to give our customers up to date and timely information and the level of support offered we would most definitely recommend using this software.

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