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Can I Run My Fitting Diaries In AdminBase?

Yes, all types of installations and tradesmen appointments can be scheduled in the AdminBase Diary. If your staff perform multiple tasks, like your surveyor also doing service calls, this is also catered for.

Does AdminBase Manage Service Calls?

Most certainly. Service calls are logged against the original contract. This means you can see previous call outs, detailed warranty information and you can manage your outstanding calls. Even better – with the Service engineer app, information relating to the call is all available on a tablet and a sign off from the customer electronically all feeds back into AdminBase. No more lost bits of paper with handwritten notes on.

How Can I Access AdminBase When Out Of The Office?

AdminBase is web-based and can be accessed from any web browser. You’ll need internet access of course!

Is AdminBase Secure And Where Is My Data Stored?

Yes, your data is stored in a highly secure data centre which uses encryption-at-rest technology to protect customer data from unauthorised access.

Can I Control What Users Can Access?

Yes. Permissions can be set against every element of AdminBase, preventing changes to or even viewing sensitive areas of data. For this, you need to take at least the PRO option.

Can I Export My Installations To FENSA?

Yes, AdminBase includes a powerful export designer for this and any other kind of export required.

How Will AdminBase Help My Sales And Installation Teams?

With a manual system, much time is wasted looking for paper files or updating multiple spreadsheets.

With AdminBase every bit of information about a contract is entered into the system and then available to everyone.

Additional documents can be easily scanned and attached to the contract completely eliminating the need for those brown foolscap folders or T Card boards.

How Will AdminBase Save Me Time?

Because everything is in one place, you will no longer waste time trying to find paper files. Furthermore, all communications with your customers are managed with AdminBase you will not be retyping addresses or emails.

Can All My Staff Access Information At The Same Time?

Yes, so long as they have an AdminBase login.

Can I See The Value Of My Order Book?

Yes. The Order on Hand reporting can give you a live view of your order book at any time.

Can I Email From AdminBase?

Yes. All customer and personnel communication can be generated from within AdminBase. You can have automatic emails or text messages that notify customers as their order moves through your process.

Can I Attach Documents And Photos To Customer Records?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of additional documents that can be stored against a contract or lead record.

Can AdminBase Remind Me To Book Visits And Confirm Appointments?

Yes, via Next Action Due dates or via a defined process for Leads and Contracts that we call the Checklist. You can define different reminders for different types of contracts.

Can My Staff Use AdminBase On Site?

Yes. AdminBase is web based and, with an internet connection (Wifi or SIM card), can be accessed using a laptop or tablet.

Our apps for Salespeople, Surveyors, Fitters and Surveyors can be used without an internet connection. This means that you can still enter customer data into AdminBase when not connected to the internet. This can then be uploaded later on with an internet connection.

Will I Have To Change My Business Processes To Fit In With AdminBase?

No. We strongly believe the software should be flexible enough to work with your processes.

That’s not to say we won’t suggest improvements to your process based on our years of experience dealing with other companies.

However, our policy has always been to make AdminBase adaptable for everyone to use.

I Have A Wide Range Of Products. Can AdminBase Handle All Of Them?

Yes, it will. Many aspects of AdminBase are customisable so it can cope with a wide variety of products.

How Much Storage Do I Get From AdminBase?

Many software companies in the industry today offer CRM software that offers limited storage, which is not ideal for companies with larger amounts of data.

With AdminBase, you can enjoy unlimited storage. This means that if you are a bigger company with a large team, an extensive customer base and a substantial amount of data, AdminBase is designed to support your business.

Can I Customise My AdminBase Plan?

AdminBase works the way you do rather than you having to work the way it does.

Your AdminBase plan will be entirely bespoke to your business. We’ll work to understand your process so that our software does too, providing training and unlimited support.

The software spots patterns in your business, so you can do more of what works and address what doesn’t. AdminBase is fully customisable too meaning that each team member can see what they need to do straight away.


Can I Link To Accounting Apps Within AdminBase?

Job costings is a must for every home improvement business. You might be using your accounts package, spreadsheets or just pen and paper to cost each job. Typing out every invoice can be very time-consuming, and often errors are made transposing numbers.

There’s plenty of software that can scan your paper invoices and automatically extract the relevant fields. While this cuts out a large part of the task, this still requires copying data over to your costing system.

The best solution is to have a job costing system built directly into your CRM software, and this is exactly what AdminBase can do!

For complete ease, AdminBase has been designed to link with major accounting software. Throughout your entire sales and installation process, you can generate legally binding documents and invoices, linking to applications such as Xero, QuickBooks, Pegasus and SAGE.

How Can I Capture Signatures Without A Paper Contract?

If you are generating legally binding documents digitally, you may wonder how it will be possible for your company to capture customer and employee signatures without the use of paper contracts?

Here at AdminBase, we have thought about this. That is why our software offers a digital signature facility, allowing customers to sign their name without the need for pen and paper. Our apps have been designed to work on touchscreen devices, meaning that your sales and fitting teams can capture signatures that will be stored in the AdminBase system for total ease.

This also means that the customer can be emailed a copy of their contract as soon as it has been signed, helping you run your sales process more effectively and efficiently.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Leads And Contract AdminBase Can Store?

No. AdminBase can hold unlimited leads, customers, contracts, notes and documents.

Is There A Minimum Number Of Users?

No, and at a starting cost of £100 per user per month, AdminBase is truly cost effective.

As your business grows and you add more users we apply an automatic discount down to as little as £61 per user per month.

Is There A Minimum Term For AdminBase?

Yes, the minimum is 12 months.

How Do I Add More Licenses?

Simply by emailing us – these can be added the same day. We will calculate a pro-rate fee and add it to your next months direct debit.

What If I Want To Cancel?

Once you are out of the minimum contract term then you can cancel with 30 days notice.

What If I Want To Reduce My Licenses?

You can do this with 30 days notice and once you are out of your minimum term. We understand that business needs can change overnight.

Do You Provide Training?

Yes, we provide whatever training you require as part of your monthly subscription. We do this remotely and the training is carried out by people with a combined 50 years plus experience in running UK based window companies.

If you prefer us to come to site then we can arrange for paid training on your premises.

Do You Provide Support?

Yes, we have a telephone support line and a limited out of hours email service.

Much of our support is provided via ISL Online which is a tool that we can use to connect to your device and show you how to perform tasks in AdminBase.

We Are A Supply Only Company. Can We Use AdminBase?

Absolutely you can.

You can create Supply Only contract types and modify the AdminBase processes to suit.

Will AdminBase Produce Quotes For Me?

Yes, with our new Sales app your pricing can be setup and the app used to price jobs in the customers home, get their signature and email them a copy of the contract with full details, drawings, terms and conditions.

The details and the copy of the contract are available within AdminBase for all users to refer to.

Even without the Sales App you can create text based quotations.

Is AdminBase GDPR Compliant?

You have everything you need within AdminBase to make sure you are GDPR compliant.

It is up to you however to make sure your business complies with the GDPR regulations in your use of the data you store in AdminBase.

Can I Link My AdminBase Data To External Reporting Tools (For Example, Power BI)?

Yes, you can do this via an ODBC link.

We can provide instructions on how to do this after you start using AdminBase.

Can I Create My Own Reports In AdminBase?

Yes, you can.

We supply a standard set of reports which can be customised to suit your needs.

An AdminBase subscription includes any reporting changes and as we do this all the time we are probably a little quicker at doing it but if you’d like to do some of this yourself we are happy to show you how.

Can I Run My Fitting Diaries On AdminBase?

Yes, all types of installations and tradesmen appointments can be scheduled in the AdminBase Diary.

If your staff multi-task, such as your surveyor also doing service calls, this is catered for.

How Can I Access AdminBase When Out Of The Office?

AdminBase is web based and can be accessed from any web browser.

You’ll need internet access of course!

Will AdminBase Manage My Ordering?

Yes, all purchase orders can be created against each individual job and then managed at a company level.

Deliveries Due reporting makes it easy to see what is outstanding and chase items with your suppliers.

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