Survey App Features

Take Control of Your Surveys

Our Survey App takes the hassle out of your surveying process. Explore the amazing features of this fully connected app.

Collect Data

As a continuation of the Sales App or standalone, the Survey App can collect surveying data such as manufacturing sizes, trims and addons.

Integrate Documents

Any documents that your surveying team need access to can be sent directly to the Survey App for easy referral.

Customer Satisfaction

Your survey team can check measurements and designs with customers and make changes on the fly if needed.

Connect to AdminBase

All information is sent straight to AdminBase, including sizes and measurements required. You can also produce orders to go to manufacturers.

Survey App Integration

Intelligently Connected Throughout

Each of our apps are designed to work in harmony with the AdminBase CRM. This means that any and all data can be passed between AdminBase and the Apps, helping you get the most out of this truly unique system.

  • Receive live updates to the Apps as appointment are made in Adminbase
  • Work offline and update AdminBase when internet is available
  • Upload and annotate images and attach them to leads or contracts
  • Use different apps for each offsite functions
  • Customise App forms to your requirements, including risk management and Covid precautions
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AdminBase has been a fantastic addition to our business. The current COVID situation has also proved to us the value of the software.

Our team are now working from home using the cloud version as if they were sat in the office.

The scheduling of appointments, both for the sales and installation teams is now all in one place and the efficiencies we are getting are beyond our initial expectations!

Coupled with the ability we now have to give our customers up to date and timely information and the level of support offered we would most definitely recommend using this software.

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