Easy To Use

Designed For Double Glazing Companies

We understand the importance of streamlined lead management, particularly for double glazing and fenestration companies. AdminBase makes handling your leads more efficient and saves you time.

Website Integration

When an enquiry is submitted on your website, your leads will feed directly into AdminBase. No need to worry about missing a lead again.

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Customised Process

If you sell a variety of products, AdminBase allows you to design different stages for leads to progress through based on the type of enquiry that is submitted.

Customised Process

Take Action

Never let a lead go amiss. AdminBase allows you to set actions to be taken for different lead types. You can easily manage due dates and set follow up reminders.

Take Action

Manage Prospects

Prepare for the future. Save your leads as prospects for future marketing or import prospect databases and convert them into leads.

Lead Features

Analyse Your Process

No only can you manage your business better, but AdminBase’s lead management allows you to analyse areas in your business where you are performing well and identify areas to improve.

Sales Team

View and report on the performance and conversion rate of your sales team to see who is performing.

Lead Sources

Report on the success of your lead generation methods, with cost per lead and cost per sale information.

Product Types

Create custom lead results and subdivide each lead category for an even more detailed analysis of product interests.

Sales Performance

Track your overall performance of sales with the ability to input sales budgets and target and view customised reports.

Manage Digital Campaigns

Have leads feed directly from your website into AdminBase with full digital information on the specific web page that generated the enquiry for in depth analysis of your lead generation

See What Our Customers Say

AdminBase is an integral part of our business. Unlike other providers, the team at Ab Initio have industry experience which results in aa package that is packed with features that help improve efficiency and customer service delivery.

James Stuart

Abbey Windows

App For Tradesmen

The longer we use Adminbase, the more we are getting out of it. All information relating to a customer is in one place and this aids communication and makes retrieving plans or purchase orders very simple.

Susan Roden

Mitchell Glass

Double Glazing Software

Adminbase has transformed the way we work as a company completely for the better. The information is always at hand. Customer service is absolutely superb and is never too much and always dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Steve Taylor

Horsford Window & Conservatory Company Limited

window industry CRM information

We use the dashboard and automated notifications in AdminBase throughout our business. We have receive fantastic feedback from our customers, the constant updates makes them feel relaxed taking away the worry when engaging companies in our industry.

Peter Wheeler


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