Market Leading Benefits

Our CRM software is designed to make work easier for solar panel installers. That’s because AdminBase helps you increase revenue, improve efficiency and expand your market penetration.
AdminBase is ideal for solar panel installers who value streamlining their business. The whole process between lead generation and job completion is simplified – less hassle, with the features you need immediately there for you.
The AdminBase CRM for solar panel installers comes with total integration solutions. Solar panel installers can integrate accounting business systems, such as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage, with our software. You can view everything in one convenient place, with everything functioning in harmony.
Our cloud-based CRM service provides easy remote access – ideal for solar panel installers who are out on jobs and away from the main office computer. Our cloud-based service is completely secure, offering you peace of mind.

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Experience & Innovation

One thing we’ve learned over the years is the importance of making business easier to manage. That’s why our CRM software helps you manage your sales pipeline. We offer a dashboard that’s great for solar panel installers who want to organise and track deals. AdminBase empowers you to stay on top of your business affairs.
Another crucial benefit of our CRM software is its scope for accurate reporting. Knowledge is power – AdminBase gives you the power to stay in the know, letting you view the reports that matter to you, anywhere, any time.
We’re delighted to provide incredible functionality through additional apps that give solar panel installers a market advantage over competitors. AdminBase offers diary, sales, survey, fitting, services and canvassing apps. They are ideal for getting the most out of our CRM software, giving our customers the complete picture of their business, whether it’s a convenient overview or a detailed insight.
The AdminBase performance indicator is another fantastic tool that gives you a complete insight into every one of your customers. Moreover, this function helps your sales team become performance driven. That’s down to accurate commission calculations and real-time feedback on inventory when making proposals.

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Business Made Easier

These many benefits will make your solar panel installation business much easier to manage and help you gain a market advantage. This cannot be underestimated in today’s market, where costs are rising, and profit margins are being squeezed.
As energy costs increase, demand for solar panels will increase in turn. Now is the ideal time to prepare your business for the increase in demand. AdminBase is the tried, tested and trusted CRM software that will enhance your business operations in every way. If you want to manage your leads in one place – we’ve got you sorted. Need to track orders and check inventory against jobs, our software lets you do that. Prefer less paperwork and time consuming admin – our CRM software for solar panel installers is the ready-made solution.
Our goal has always been to make installers’ lives easier, so they concentrate on what they do best, installing solar panels. Here at AdminBase, we empower our clients to maximise their business potential, helping them grow, increase their customer base and enjoy greater profits. All this has been made possible through our decades long work in perfecting our CRM software. We listen to our customers' feedback and are responsive to any input that will help enhance user experience.

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Customers Come First

We pride ourselves on putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. Since our mission is to help installers gain a more profitable, efficient business, we always listen to our customers. That’s why solar panel installers will benefit from first class customer service from our expert team. We go the extra mile to ensure our installers get the service and features they need to make their business profitable.
We are trusted throughout many different industries to deliver a market leading CRM that helps businesses achieve more. Whether it’s better leads management, improved oversight of ongoing jobs or matching inventory with upcoming projects, AdminBase is there when you need the tools that count.

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AdminBase Designed For Solar Panel Installers

Our CRM software is bespoke and designed with your specific needs in mind. We offer many more features that make your business simpler and more profitable. You can request a demo here and see how AdminBase works first hand. Please feel free to contact our friendly team of experts – we’re always available to offer impartial advice and empower solar panel installers to make the most of their business with our cutting edge CRM software. You can call us on 01283 551005 or email – we look forward to helping you grow your business.

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