Lead & Sale Management Benefits

Our expert software developers have crafted a CMS for artificial grass installers that puts you in control. AdminBase provides total integrated solutions for all your grass installation needs. Our intuitive CRM software gives you an easy to use leads, enquiry and quoting system. AdminBase captures enquires directly from your website, automatically displaying your leads in a beautiful interface that you can customise to your needs.
You can organise your artificial grass sales and appointments, scheduling events at your convenience. AdminBase also lets you set reminders – you’re never miss a sales appointment with our smart CRM software. We make it simple to follow up leads and create next action dates, helping you stay on top of your sales, streamline your engagements, and ensure you maximise your profits.
Our artificial grass CRM empowers you to manage your sales team more effectively. You’re just a click away from having a complete overview of your sales team and their performance. You can analyse how your sales personnel are converting leads, how leads are being generating, and which artificial grass products are attracting the most interest. Our leads and sales features ensure you are informed about how your business is getting new potential artificial grass customers, and how effectively they are being converted into sales.

crm for artificial grass installers

Process Contracts Effectively

Our CRM software for artificial grass installers takes the pain away from managing contracts. You won’t have to deal with mountains of paperwork, giving you peace of mind that you won’t lose any important documents. AdminBase enables artificial grass installers to control every aspect of the contract process. You get total oversight of all ongoing contracts, with our expert CRM software removing duplication and paper files.
AdminBase allows you to keep your customers informed at every stage of the contract, ensuring you can tell your client when a stage is complete. In addition, our CRM lets you manage internal contracts and processes efficiently, helping you manage your artificial grass company at every level.
Our CRM also empowers you to create custom views of contracts, providing you a platform to see what’s most important to you and your company.

crm for artificial grass installers

Smooth Order Processing

AdminBase’s CRM for artificial grass installers is designed to easily manage installation and supply pipelines. It’s never been more simple to create purchase orders from survey data and track deliveries. Our software provides you with a user-friendly diary feature that enables you to schedule fitters and other trades involved with any artificial grass project. AdminBase offers a display schedule on a live screen so you can track events in real time. What’s more, our CRM provides warnings when scheduling clashes arise, and gives you a next available appointment function, helping you take charge of your schedule and run everything smoothly.

crm for artificial grass installers

Create Financial Records

Stay in the know when it comes to financial records with our smart CRM. AdminBase gives you the power to create your own financial records. You’ll know exactly what’s in your order book for your artificial grass company. You can chase invoices when needed and be aware of when payments are due. Our software lets you create sales invoices and credit notes. AdminBase is easily integrated with other accounting software, helping you manage all jobs and keep your profits healthy.

crm for artificial grass installers

Provide Excellent Customer Service

AdminBase for artificial grass installers helps you deliver first class customer service. That’s because our CRM helps you manage service calls and warranty claims. You can create flows that show you warranty profiles for different products, letting you how much time is left for you to carry out service calls for free. You can schedule customer call outs and appointments with reminders – you will no longer miss appointments or disappoint customers with our smart software.

crm for artificial grass installers

AdminBase Designed For Artificial Grass Installers

Our software is created to you first and in control over every aspect of your business. We are proud to provide many more features that will enhance your operations and help you grow and generate more profit. We offer a free demo to give you an insight into how our CRM will benefit your artificial grass company for the short and long term. You can call us on 01283 551005 or email sales@adminbase.co.uk – we look forward to helping make your business flourish.

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