Ordering Process Features

One System, Every Sale

AdminBase’s order processing system makes it easy to manage every order you get. From the moment you get a lead from your website or traditionally, leads will be sent directly into AdminBase, eclipsing traditional lead generation methods. From there, AdminBase holds the lead information and can send reminders both to the customer and to you. Automatic text alerts and more are available within AdminBase, meaning you can see every sale through.

It’s not just the person at the top of your business who will see AdminBase work, either. AdminBase works for every member of your staff, including your sales team. You can provide each member of your team with a dedicated AdminBase platform which is tailored to their needs. Four integrated apps – Survey, Fitting, Sales and Service – can unite your team in a streamlined order processing system that never lets a lead get away.

From Quote to Sale

Make sure you don't miss a single lead. Define a process for each lead - quote, follow up dates, produce a contract, collect signatures electronically via email. Manage sales teams, canvassers - know who is performing well.

Access Data

Absolutely everything relating to a lead and contract is stored in AdminBase. No more paper files that have to be tracked down - all documents are attached to the relevant record and the information you need is right at your fingertips, no more duplication enter the information once only. Email and SMS customers directly from AdminBase.

Customer Satisfaction

With automatic notifications by SMS and email your customers know what stage their order is at without needing to call you. With our award winning Customer Portal they can see for themselves the progress of their order, make payments on time and confirm appointments. This all adds to their satisfaction with your company.

Connected to AdminBase

With apps that help every member of your team do their job efficiently wherever they are and give managers the visibility they need to sort problems quickly

Order Processing System

Intelligently Connected Throughout

Once you get an order, AdminBase manages the processing brilliantly. You’ll get accurate data for every order that allows you not only to manage each one, but to get insights into all of them to help grow your business moving forward. AdminBase connects with your sales team and your installers, too, meaning everybody has accurate pricing and installation information. You’ll also have the knowledge you need to keep your customers in the loop.

While order processing goes through, AdminBase can also help you manage the payment side. Your sales team will be able to price each installation properly, logging the cost within AdminBase to create a detailed, accurate record. From there, AdminBase allows you to manage invoices digitally across your business, including for customers and suppliers. Our CRM also links with major accounting apps like Sage, Xero and more for ease of usage.

  • AdminBase order processing is done in real-time and you're always in control.
  • AdminBase apps work offline, ideal for your sales and installation teams. Our apps will update the main CRM system as soon as WiFi is available.
  • Order processing is even easier across your teams with AdminBase. You can upload and annotate images through our apps for clear communication.
  • All of our different apps help with different parts of order processing. As a result, the process is simple and easy, from beginning to end.
  • AdminBase is a fully customisable back office CRM solution. You can tailor the system around your business to make order processing work for you.
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AdminBase has been a fantastic addition to our business. The current COVID situation has also proved to us the value of the software.

Our team are now working from home using the cloud version as if they were sat in the office.

The scheduling of appointments, both for the sales and installation teams is now all in one place and the efficiencies we are getting are beyond our initial expectations!

Coupled with the ability we now have to give our customers up to date and timely information and the level of support offered we would most definitely recommend using this software.

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