AdminBase Grows With Customers

Established in 1979, Radcliffe Glass & Windows was Greater Manchester’s first manufacturer of double glazed units.

The company has grown substantially ever since, and in 2021 celebrated a record year.

Managing director Clive Powers reflected on how his trusted AdminBase software has helped his firm reach new heights.

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“The service and support AdminBase provides always has been to a high standard, but in the last 18 months, it has been exceptional, as the AdminBase team has expanded and developed,” said Clive.

“I had the pleasure of meeting some of their team as they celebrated success at a recent awards ceremony, and it was great to feel that Radcliffe Glass & Windows has been part of their journey of success just like AdminBase has been part of ours.”

Clive began using AdminBase more than a decade ago because he needed to increase efficiency and enable his team to provide consistent customer service.

“Our software was expensive, slow and took too much of my own time and input. AdminBase was recommended to me due to their experience within our industry. We didn’t need to re-invent the wheel. We implemented AdminBase swiftly, and the software made a huge impact as the company grew.

“We now use Admin Base pretty much to run the company. From sales leads through to contract completion, aftersales and warranties. As MD, AdminBase also takes the guesswork out of how the company is performing as it provides access to key reports for the team, management and directors. I cannot stress how useful these reports are, as they let us react quickly to live results rather than waiting for full accounts.”

Meanwhile, customers benefit from a more personal service despite the small team and the large volume of contracts with Radcliffe Glass & Windows. AdminBase’s award winning customer portal – which lets customers track orders, make appointments and settle invoices online – further enhances customer experience.

AdminBase continually works with its customers to develop new services like this that businesses need. “We are currently working with AdminBase on specific KPIs I require,” said Clive. “Although not fully completed, already in our first quarter of 2022, the phased introduction of the KPIs is having a huge impact with an increase in sales of 70% on our 2021 record year.”

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