Don’t Let Your Systems Slow You Down

The way information moves around a business is key to its success and Rhonda Ridge of Ab Initio suggests implementing the right installer management system is the best way to take control of your data.

As with many consumer facing businesses, home improvement companies may have a calm exterior but the amount of admin and paperwork that is done behind the scenes is immense. Day to day life is often so busy that things end up getting scrawled on a piece of paper and handed to someone in the office later to decipher. Office admin staff might receive numerous bits of paper, notes, and e-mails about the same thing from various departments, and find themselves piecing the story together. It’s not that anyone isn’t doing their job properly, it’s simply that everyone is so busy they opt for the quickest and easiest route to deliver information. But all this data is critical. So, if it can be collected in the same amount of time that it takes to scrawl a note on a piece of paper, and made instantly available to all departments, it can really start working for the business.

According to Rhonda, this is only possible with the right installer management system, and will be demonstrating the gargantuan efficiencies that can be gained from such a system on stand D31 at this year’s FIT Show.

Under pressure

“I understand the pressure all departments are under in an installation business because I have been there,” explains Rhonda. “That’s why I designed and developed an installer management system to collate information from across the business, display it in a way that is easy to digest, and then make that information accessible to teams across the organisation. With one central system that is intuitive to use, everyone in the business can update it quickly and easily which means the very latest data is available for all to see in real time. But that’s not all.

“The AdminBase system is continually evolving to suit the changing landscape and we’re pleased to demonstrate some of these changes to FIT visitors. The Customer Portal Function for example, has revolutionised how fitters run their business day to day because it allows consumers to help themselves to information about their account 24/7 to suit them. They can check in on their payment dates, appointments, and installation dates, and even get in touch after the project has been completed to report any service issues. The portal gives installers a fantastic selling point when winning new business, but also saves an inordinate amount of time that would otherwise have to be spent talking through all these enquiries on the phone.

“The My AdminBase Diary App is also a must see for installers visiting FIT. This extension to our already comprehensive system was created as a direct result of feedback from our existing customers. Installers can view their appointments as a list or in a diary format and they can attach PDFs, pictures, videos, voice recordings, spreadsheets and any other useful information to each lead or contract record. They can even collect a sign off signature here if required. All this information is immediately available so that everyone can see the very latest data on any job at any time. Whether in the office or out on site, staff can easily log in for a progress report on any project.

Admin doesn’t have to be time consuming

Rhonda concludes: “We’ll be offering live one-to-one demonstrations at FIT, either by appointment or for people stopping by on an ad hoc basis. I think installers will be surprised to see just how much our system can help them with the day to day running of their business. Along with the Customer Portal Function and My AdminBase Diary App, the system in its entirety gives a sweeping overview of the whole operation, highlighting areas that need more attention, showing how to better utilise fitting teams, and revealing which lead generation tactics are working to best effect. AdminBase supports installers in making more informed decisions about their business but also means less time spent on behind the scenes admin, and more time spent on installing great products.”

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