Integrate and Unite

On the back of a successful FIT Show, Rhonda Ridge of AdminBase talks about the importance of technology in uniting a business and how the right installer management system can help installation businesses improve their sales and marketing functions.

It is no secret that sales and marketing departments have a turbulent relationship. It’s an age-old battlefield and yet when the two divisions are combined successfully the benefits are immense – stronger customer relationships, better leads, increased revenue, and higher quality marketing materials. Add IT to this complicated relationship and the road is even more rocky. In part this is a result of the perception that IT is difficult and time consuming, with complicated data transfers and mismatched systems being used by different departments, that never quite marry up with each other. Uniting all three of these aspects in a business will provide a far stronger proposition and a more profitable enterprise. But how do you go about it?

The right CRM can unite a business, but it needs to be a fully integrated, simple, intuitive solution. Ideally a system designed by people with first-hand knowledge of your industry and preferably your business, so that the solution directly addresses the sticking points specific to you.

A neat solution

Rhonda Ridge of AdminBase, the tried, tested, and trusted installer management system, did exactly this with a fully integrated system that pulls all aspects of admin within an installation business into one neat solution. The result is improved efficiencies, better customer relationships, and a more united front to present to customers. Rhonda explains: “I understand the nuances of an installation business because I have personal experience in a home improvement company. I know the frustrations that can occur when different departments are trying to submit the necessary admin and run reports using different systems on different timelines. Having one central system that can be updated, live, at any time of the day or night simplifies processes exponentially across the entire business.

Valuable USP

“AdminBase includes an award-winning Customer Portal to improve communication between installation businesses and their homeowner customers. Consumers want to interact with suppliers online, so an electronic interface that allows them to check on the status of their order, book survey and installation appointments, and even report any snagging issues when the job has been completed, is a useful positioning tool and offers sales teams a valuable USP.

“At the FIT Show, we were proud to launch another addition to AdminBase that will further assist sales teams. We have established a brand-new partnership with Price Point Sales which will further improve the simplicity of the sales function already included in the system. Price Point Sales is a tool that helps installation businesses sell windows and doors without the need for an internet connection. Subscribers will see a notable improvement to the graphical interface on their sales app, which in my opinion, is key to any successful app. FIT Show visitors also saw the launch of a facility that allows customers to sign a quotation electronically on a document received by email. Gathering electronic signatures is a trend that is gathering momentum, so is a great additional tool for the sales team.

Reduced hassle reporting

“The AdminBase system also includes a full internal reporting system which allows the business to keep track of selected KPIs without the need for the time-consuming task of exporting data into Excel. This means marketing and sales departments can keep track of where the business is performing well and where there is room for improvement. The system also tracks leads, so if for example, an installation business gets a lot of leads from advertising in the local paper and all those leads are for single window jobs, while the radio advertising brings in high value jobs, a more informed decision can be made about where to spend the advertising budget next.

“AdminBase was created 25 years ago but with the innovative approach of our in-house developers and ongoing feedback from our customers, the system has and will continue to evolve. We will however always remain committed to providing installation businesses with a fully integrated solution that unites their entire business and improves efficiencies across the board.”

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