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Customer expectations are soaring and not just for physical products or face to face service. Hassle free, easy to use online experiences are now a prerequisite. Management systems need to stay ahead of this curve to truly benefit their customers says Rhonda Ridge of AdminBase.

A recent screen time study from Uswitch shows that the average UK citizen spends up to 6.4 hours a day on the internet using any device. This doesn’t account for time spent in front of a screen offline, this is purely online activity. The pandemic has only served to fuel this trend with global consumers now spending an average of 4.2 hours a day using apps on smartphones alone. That’s an increase of 30% on 2019. There is no denying then, that although an already integral part of our lives, our online activity is still growing. We are all now proficient and even prefer to get the information we need electronically.

The continual increase in time spent online has consequences. Expectations for our onscreen experiences are high. In years gone by, we may have been a little more patient about digging for the information we need. Not anymore. We want answers at our fingertips, and we want data that’s easy to read and understand, or we’ll go elsewhere. In the same way a car dashboard gives us the information we need at a glance, fitness apps, health trackers and social media analysis tools, are all going the same way. We’ve come to expect it.

Customer led design

This raised level of expectation isn’t just relevant to our personal online activity, we expect it in the workplace too. Whether monitoring productivity, managing teams, delegating tasks, or tracking profitability, we are increasingly relying on software to help us streamline. Ab Initio’s AdminBase business management software system is ahead of the curve with outstanding usability designed into the system from the beginning. However, always looking to improve, the company has recently updated the homepage to make it even easier to use, in line with the very latest interface trends.

Horses for courses

Rhonda Ridge, managing director of Ab Initio Systems, the company behind AdminBase, and the creator of the system explains: “The latest system upgrade with improved usability on the homepage includes a completely customisable screen that allows the information most relevant to the business to be viewed as soon as users first switch on their screens. It’s not a one size fits all solution because different installers want to see different data, so rather than make assumptions, we are leaving it to our customers to decide what is most important to them.

“Whichever key performance indicators they opt to have quick access to, the new screen style allows users to see at a glance an up-to-date overview of those aspects of their business, whether leads, sales or jobs in progress. As soon as new data is entered, the homepage will be updated to provide a live picture. What’s more, all of this information is displayed as graphs or charts because we know people can process information far quicker when looking at images, than they can reading text. This easily accessible information lets installers make quick comparisons between weekly, monthly, or yearly stats, which in turn allows them to make business decisions quicker and more easily.”

A stitch in time

Rhonda concludes: “As with almost anything, if you address a problem up front you save yourself a lot of work later. Installers are under increasing pressure with supply disruptions, short term changes to stock availability and higher demand than the market has seen for a very long time. There are few complaints about the increase in sales, but to truly maximise the opportunities, installers need an immediate and accurate picture of all aspects of their business so they can make quick decisions on the go. Our system allows them to do exactly that and with the updated Home screen, they can stay on top of every aspect of their business, even more easily.

For more information go to: https://www.abinitiosoftware.co.uk

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