Move Admin Up Your Priority List – See Productivity Soar

So many businesses, in the window industry and beyond, know that their internal admin systems are slowing them down, but don’t believe they have time to fix the problem. Rhonda Ridge explains how sticking with existing out of date administration methods is a false economy.

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Have you ever tried to access some information in your business that you couldn’t put your hands on as easily as you would have liked? Or have you needed to put a customer on hold or even call them back later because you couldn’t decipher the notes that had been made on their account? Perhaps you could find what you were looking for, but the data you needed was out of date. Any one of these options slow you down and are often unexpected and unplanned for delays. These are just a few examples of how admin can hold up day to day operations, but I’m sure we could all list many more. It is easy to underestimate the importance of admin in a business, but it is the backbone of an organisation, and when done well, the entire business can run more smoothly and efficiently, making everyone’s lives easier, as Rhonda explains:

“I worked in an installation business for many years so experienced a lot of the admin downfalls that can occur, firsthand. It was frustrating because it seemed obvious to me how much could be gained from a more efficient way of storing data and communicating across the business. That’s why I designed the AdminBase installer management system – because I understand the pressure teams are under in this sector and how when things are busy, internal communication can fall by the wayside. It doesn’t seem important at the time that you scribble a note for a colleague, but then in no time at all, a misunderstanding has spread, and precious time has been wasted.

Intuitive systems are essential

“AdminBase allows installation businesses to input data quickly with intuitive interfaces that are easy to use. This may sound obvious, but we know that for an admin system to work in a busy installation business it needs to be effortlessly accessed and easily read by all members of staff in all departments. It also needs to offer live data, so the system is never out of date, ensuring no-one is caught short by misinformation or lack of information when talking to a customer, or colleague. AdminBase supports installation businesses across their entire operation too, including customer service, sales, marketing, accounts, and time management.

“Despite the huge success of AdminBase since its launch 25 years ago, we are continuously improving the system through our expert in-house developers and through partnerships with like-minded businesses. Our recent partnership with PricepointTM Sales – an online system that helps installers sell their products – has enhanced our offering for example, with more support for sales teams selling in the home. PricepointTM is a great fit for AdminBase because it offers the all-important simplicity and intuitive interface. The system holds endless product types, uses professional high-definition images to support a professional sales pitch, and boasts Manufacturing IntelligenceTM, highlighting any restrictions that may occur with certain product combinations. And when the final selection has been made, it creates customised quotations to leave with the homeowner. All with no need for a wi-fi connection.

Don’t let your admin slow you down

“Admin is one of those things that can invoke a groan when raised for discussion. It’s an age-old bug bear for businesses that feel it’s too complicated a problem to solve. But this doesn’t have to be its fate. AdminBase is a fully integrated management system that is tried and tested and is proven to offer internal efficiencies from the moment a prospect gets in touch, to any necessary after sales support once the project has been completed. It supports installation businesses at every step of the way so they aren’t spending inordinate amounts of time on admin and can instead focus on offering excellent customer service, installing great products, and ultimately, running a profitable business.”

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