Peace Of Mind In Longevity

Software can have a short lifespan unless it gives users precisely what they need and adapts over time. Ab Initio’s Rhonda Ridge explains how AdminBase has had to adapt and why it has already lasted for 25 years.

The average lifespan of a software programme is around 6-8 years, with the longevity increasing slightly for larger programmes to 12-14 years. Compare this to the 21-year average life of a business and you can see the limitations. It’s not hard to see why though, when you consider how quickly a piece of software can become out of date as markets, companies, and technology shift. There is also a historical problem in the sector of changes and upgrades being made by people who do not fully understand the users they are developing for. Whatever the reason for the shorter life expectancy in this sector, it isn’t what business owners want to hear. If you opt for new software, you want it to last. Luckily, there are some exceptions that do stand the test of time.

Go the distance

Ab Initio’s installer management system, AdminBase, is one example of software that has lasted the distance, now celebrating 25 years of supporting installation businesses. Over two decades on and its list of features and benefits keeps growing as Rhonda Ridge, creator of AdminBase, explains: “We understand the importance of adapting to stay ahead. That is why in the last couple of years we have added multiple new features to the system and continue to introduce new ideas and add-ons today. In the last 24 months we have: introduced the MyAdminBase Diary app; launched the facility to use SMS with customers; upgraded the home screen with customisable options to make it even easier to use; introduced the facility to use google maps within the system; and launched an award-winning Customer Portal that vastly improves the communication between installation businesses and their customers.

Success at the FIT Show

“More recently at the FIT Show we launched three more features to the system including a barcode scanning function, a facility to collect e-signatures, and an exciting new partnership with Price Point Sales. Barcode scanning speeds up the process of logging products coming into and out of the warehouse or factory, so it made sense to add this function into the AdminBase system to continue to support installation businesses in driving efficiencies across the organisation.

“Having worked in an installation business myself, I understand the importance of staying ahead of retail trends and in turn the competition. So, when we could see the trend for collecting electronic signatures gathering pace, we quickly began developing a facility for this. Now AdminBase subscribers can send customers documents via e-mail that they can sign electronically, saving a lot of time and effort.

“Visitors to our stand at the FIT Show were excited to see all the features AdminBase has to offer, but creating a particular buzz was our new partnership with Price Point Sales. Price Point Sales is a sales tool to help installation businesses sell windows and doors in the home, without the need for an internet connection. The simplicity of the system makes it intuitive to use which holds great synergy with the rest of AdminBase.

Tried, tested, and trusted

“We are proud of our 25-year heritage and the fact AdminBase is a tried, tested, and trusted system, but we never rested on our laurels. We know the importance of continuous improvement to ensure we remain relevant and useful to installation businesses as they themselves evolve. It was great to meet so many people at the FIT Show and hear their direct feedback on our system and all the new features launched at the show. We are looking forward to getting these new developments out into the wider marketplace and getting to work on the next set of changes to make sure we continue to support installation businesses for another 25 years!”

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