The Whole of Your Installation World Mapped Out Before You

In the latest development brought by those clever people behind the AdminBase installer management system, a glance at a map can now give you all the information you need to know for your working day

Google Maps is the most world’s favourite mapping application and the most popular of all smartphone apps, used more than one billion times every month during 2020. Launched by Google in 2015, it has become highly popular due to its comprehensive choices of mapping features, including highly accurate street maps, satellite and aerial imagery, street view and real time traffic conditions.

And now, the incredible Google functionality has been harnessed by the UK’s most popular installer CRM system AdminBase, to benefit users of the web-based version as a free and automatic upgrade. What the upgrade brings is a stunning facility that allows users to check locations at-a-glance, for a range of functions that will quickly become so matter-of-fact that users will wonder how they ever did without them.

So, what does the AdminBase Mapping function bring to the party? In short, it brings excellent additional functionality to the key field functions of Sales, Survey, Fitting and Service calls.

For sales, administrators can easily view appointments by each salesperson or for the whole company, especially useful when planning additional sales calls or checking the activities of any salesperson or for the company overall. The location and identity of each representative is shown in clear detail on the map including the time of their appointment. When new prospects call asking to see a representative, the administrator can summon the Sales Map and, at a glance determine when a rep is in the area to call upon the prospect.

Another sales function is to extend a novel and unique existing feature that already exists within AdminBase that records the types of products installed, and where. Whenever a prospect expresses an interest in viewing a specific type of product and installation, demonstration calls can easily be planned for the prospect to visit the site closest and most convenient for them.

Similarly, Surveys, Fitting and Service Calls can be planned easily by entering the address and, at the click of a mouse button, all other existing scheduled calls in the area, at a specific time and day, can be viewed. The new address can then be entered into the schedule when agreed, with the appointment automatically confirmed to the customer and added to the relevant AdminBase diary.

Rhonda Ridge

Rhonda Ridge, Managing Director of Ab Initio Systems and the originator of AdminBase, says the addition of Google maps will revolutionise planning for all site functions: “This new facility is one of those that users will wonder what they did before it became available,” says Rhonda. “Google Maps is the world’s most popular app and for good reason: it just works. And now we have been able to harness its clear functionality for AdminBase in a feature that allows the plotting of field staff easily and instantly.”

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